Simple Rules. Simply Fun.
touchtennis was founded by Rashid Ahmad in 2002 and his initial vision was simple – to create a sport that works for every age and every ability, possible to play anywhere, that will foster fun and connection above all, as well as of course getting people fit, energised and moving.
touchtennis is attractive to beginners and advanced players alike. Less experienced tennis players often seek out touchtennis to improve their hand-eye coordination.
Player A starts the game by standing on their right baseline and serving to player B's service box. There are no second serves and no lets in touchtennis. If the serve hits the net and lands in - it is "Justice".
Players rally by hitting the ball over the net and landing the ball in the court. Singles uses the inner portion of the lines (shown here in yellow) and doubles uses the outermost lines.
Scoring is as per tennis (0,15,30,40) but there are no advantage points. At "Deuce" the reciever chooses which side they would like to receive the point and the winner of the point wins the game.
Sets in touchtennis are to 4 games and to win the set your must win by 2 clear games. At 4-4 a tie break is played to 5 points with a sudden death point at 4-4 to decide the set. First to 3 sets wins the match.
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